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5ive Dollar 5estival

So for the first time in years, I’m actually putting on a night which I want to persuade you all to attend. Luckily, it’s my standard Saturday so it’s free entry just like any other week, but with a difference.... Continue Reading →


Mike Dennis – Junction 29

My last review for Mike Dennis was of his Junction 19 EP, a concept piece about Bristol. Although I have a tight link with that city, and a ton of friends and memories there, it isn’t home. So to hear... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Crowd

I'm going to start this post off with 2 disclaimers: Dave Droneboy is a thoroughly lovely guy. I've always been in awe of his positivity, and the way he will make an effort to make everybody feel included. He's done... Continue Reading →

Mike Dennis – Junction 19

One of the many things that crushed me about the closure of The Full Moon was that it suddenly became unlikely that I would ever play a set straight after Mike Dennis again. Luckily, we're re-opening soon, and he'll undoubtedly... Continue Reading →

5 Picks From Chinatown

During the weeks in which the BoomTown district lineups are announced, I spend my time poring through as many albums and EPs as I can from the artists announced, in the hope of discovering a new favourite. And I always... Continue Reading →

10 Artists I Don’t Want To Miss At BoomTown 2017…(but probably will)

As you may have noticed, I have an autistic obsession with BoomTown Fair. It transcends itself over any other festival with the sheer genius of the district programming, every stage providing a perfect soundtrack for the area in which it's situated... Continue Reading →

11 Live Acts I’ve Seen & Loved This Year

I'm yet to see a band from out of town this year, but that's no bad thing. It seems like every month brings the closure of another legendary venue in our fair city, which is undeniably tragic, and a sign... Continue Reading →

Pistols At Dawn – Collaboration with Mike Dennis

The BoomTown Fair 2017 lineup was announced this Wednesday, and I'll be combing through the acts to give you my recommendations over the next few weeks. However, first off, I offer you an exclusive dubplate that I've been sitting on... Continue Reading →

10 Moon Club Memories

I did a tarot reading at the beginning of the year. The first card was the Death card. Then, 2 days later, I find out that The Moon Club, the source of 90% of my most treasured memories of the past few... Continue Reading →

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